ABC about the Club

Originally founded in Anchorage in the ’70s as a road cycling club, the Arctic Bicycle Club now offers a Mountain Bike Racing Division, a Road Bike Racing Division and a Recreation Division which offers both road and mountain bike rides for all levels.

  • The Road Division hosts a full schedule of road racing events from April through October including a cyclocross series.
  • The Mountain Bike Division stages mountain bike races from May through September.
  • The Touring/Recreation Division coordinates noncompetitive road and mountain bike rides from March through October suitable to all ability levels including family rides.

The Arctic Bicycle Club connects people to information and resources related to cycling, and promotes cycling as a family activity for a lifetime of enjoyment. Each of the divisions, Recreation/Touring, Road Racing, Mountain Racing, and CycloCross operate fairly independently, and so have their own website and webmaster. Please also visit their pages.

As of January 1st, 2014; The Arctic Bicycle Club is a 501c(4) is currently registered as non-profit organization by the IRS and the State of Alaska; membership and other donations to it are not tax deductible.