Mountain Racing Division Season Recap

What a GLORIOUS racing season we had! A huge THANK YOU to all of you that raced, cheered, volunteered and were otherwise with us in spirit!

PLEASE TAKE OUR END-OF-SEASON SURVEY. Give us feedback, otherwise, we won’t know what you want!!! Super important for our planning meeting for next year, because we’re considering all sorts of radical changes. 🙂

A recap of our schedule:

  • May – Arctic Valley Hill Climb
  • June – 2 Kincaid XC races + 24 Hours of Kincaid
  • July – 3 Kincaid XC races (one of those was held up at Hillside)
  • August – 1 Kincaid XC race + 4 State Championship races in one epic weekend

AMAZING turn-out for the races this year!

  • 268 racers in the Kincaid XC series
  • 68 racers for the Champs series
  • 71 racers for the 24 Hours of Kincaid

The Mountain Racing Division will be experiencing a fairly significant turn-over this winter, meaning that you can expect some changes for next season…

  • DIVISION RACE DIRECTOR – Megan is stepping down, and we are actively seeking her replacement. This is a paid position and requires a flexible summer schedule and availability for at least 90% of the races. This is a part-time gig – about 10-25 hours per week, depending on if there is a race.
  • DIVISION ASSISTANT RACE DIRECTOR – This is also a paid position and duties vary depending on what the Race Director needs help with. Again, requires a flexible summer schedule and availability for at least 70% of the races. Part-time, around 5-10 hours a week, depending.
  • 24 HOURS OF KINCAID RACE DIRECTOR – This individual receives a stipend for work accomplished. Requires that you be present for the race. Responsible for everything that goes into organizing this race – planning, logisitics, advertising, media, prizes/awards, developing budget, etc…
  • DIVISION BOARD MEMBERS – These positions are volunteer – no compensation, but you do get to race for free! Each board member is responsible for a different aspect of the club (permits, advertising, award & swag gathering/ordering, volunteer coordinator, website/social media, etc…). Requires you to be around for most of the summer and depending on your specific duties, will require a few hours a week.
  • TRAIL CREW MEMBERS – These positions are also volunteer, but again, you get to race for free. If you like to be outside, working on the courses (design, clearing, flagging/marking, cleaning), then this is for you! It is THE BEST WAY to get to know the race courses before the race. Requires that you are around during most of the race season. About 2-6 hours on a race week.
  • REGISTRATION & TIMING VOLUNTEERS – these positions are purely volunteer & involve helping with on-site registration and timing before and during each race. Usually 2-3 hours on race day. It’s nice to have a pool of folks to pick from so that you are not required to be at each race all summer. No money involved, just lots of good karma + you get to hang out with really awesome folks.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in the mountain biking community, specifically the MTB racing community, this is the BEST way! All you have to do is send Megan an email telling her what you are interested in and she will get back to you! There will be a “welcome new folks!” meeting sometime in early October where we will all figure out who is going to tackle what. EMAIL:


  • PLEASE TAKE OUR END-OF-SEASON SURVEY. Give us feedback, otherwise, we won’t know what you want!!! Super important for our planning meeting for next year, because we’re considering all sorts of radical changes. 🙂
  • Like us on Facebook.
  • Email the race director if you are interested in being a part of the MTB crew:

Arctic Bike Club Wide Annual Meeting Oct 17th, 2013

The ABC annual member meeting will be on Thursday,
All ABC members and family are welcome.

October 17 at 6:30 pm to ~8:30pm
Uncle Joes Pizza on Old Seward.
11700 Old Seward Hwy Anchorage, AK 99515

The club will be ordering some shared Pizzas and soft drinks. Alcohol and other food items available for purchase by individuals.

Come hear reports and updates from the mountain, road, recreation, and cyclecross divisions, plans for next year, the ABC financial report, provide feedback, and otherwise hang out with the ABC.

If you would like to have something added to the agenda, please email media @ no later than NOON (12:00pm) Tuesday October 15th for consideration.

See you then!

Other Important Dates:

October 30th, 2013: Road Division Wrap-Up & 2014 Planning Meeting

April 12th, 2014 Tentative Times 11:30 to 2:30

PSA: Anchorage Bike Trail Maps & Information

Several useful trail map links and information for Anchorage summer bike riding.

Google Maps now has many Anchorage Bicycle Routes displayed

The Official Municipality of Anchorage Bike / Commuting Map

The Official Municipality of Anchorage Trails Mapper (GIS) Webpage

    • Note: Unfortunately the page requires you to use Internet Explorer as the MapOptix 5.2 software (currently on version 6.0 and supports other browsers) does not look like it has been updated since about 2005. The information is kept relatively current.

Singletrack Advocates Constructed Mountain Bike Trail Maps:

Anchorage Nordic Ski Association Trail Maps Page:

Municipality of Anchorage – Coastal / Chester Creek Mileage Chart

Kincaid Park Outdoor Center
2.5 Miles 4 km
5.2 Miles 8.3 km
6.9 Miles 11 km
8.1 Miles 13 km
9.3 Miles 14.9 km
10.3 Miles 16.5 km
11.1 Miles 17.8 km
11.4 Miles 18.2 km
12.4 Miles 19.8 km
13 Miles 20.8 km
13.8 Miles 22.1 km
14.5 Miles 23.2 km‘
Blue Bridge
2.7 Miles 4.3 km
4.4 Miles 7 km
5.6 Miles 9 km
6.8 Miles 10.9 km
7.8 Miles 12.5 km
8.6 Miles 13.8 km
8.9 Miles 14.2 km
9.9 Miles 15.8 km
10.5 Miles 16.8 km
11.3 Miles 18.1 km
12 Miles 19.2 km
Pt Woronzof Parking Lot
1.7 Miles 2.7 km
2.9 Miles 4.6 km
4.1 Miles 6.6 km
5.1 Miles 8.2 km
5.9 Miles 9.4 km
6.2 Miles 10 km
7.2 Miles 11.5 km
7.8 Miles 12.5 km
8.6 Miles 13.8 km
9.3 Miles 14.9 km
Earthquake Park Junction
1.2 Miles 1.9 km
2.4 Miles 3.8 km
3.4 Miles 5.4 km
4.2 Miles 6.7 km
4.5 Miles 7.2 km
5.5 Miles 8.8 km
6.1 Miles 9.8 km
6.9 Miles 11 km
7.6 Miles 12.2 km
Lyn Ary Park
1.2 Miles 1.9 km
2.2 Miles 3.5 km
3 Miles 4.8 km
3.3 Miles 5.3 km
4.3 Miles 6.9 km
4.9 Miles 7.8km
5.7 Miles 9.1 km
6.4 Miles 10.2 km
Westchester Lagoon Milepost 0
1 Mile 1.6 km
1.8 Miles 2.9 km
2.1 miles 3.4 km
3.1 Miles 5 km
3.7 Miles 5.9 km
4.5 Miles 7.2 km
5.2 Miles 8.3 km
Valley of the Moon Park
.8 Miles 1.3 km
1.1 Miles 1.8 km
2.1 Miles 3.4 km
2.7 Miles 4.3 km
3.5 Miles 5.6 km
4.2 Miles 6.7 km
Mulcahy Park
.3 Miles . 5 km
1.3 Miles 2.1 km
1.9 Miles 3 km
2.7 Miles 4.3 km
3.4 Miles 5.4 km
Westchester Lagoon Milepost 0
Woodside Park Bridge
1 Mile 1.6 km
1.6 Miles 2.6 km
2.4 Miles 3.8 km
3.1 Miles 5 km
Elderberry Park
.9 Miles .5 km
Lake Otis Park Bridge
.6 Miles 1 km
1.4 Miles 2.2 km
2.1 Miles 3.4 km
Wooden Bridge
.4 Miles .6 km
1.3 Miles 2.1 km
Goose Lake Park Bridge
.8 Miles 1.3 km
1.5 Miles 2.4 km
Alaska Railroad Station
.3 Miles .5 km
.7 Miles 1.1 km
1.6 Miles 2.6 km
East High School Bridge
.75 Miles 1.2 km
Russian Jack Springs Park Chalet

RecDiv: ABC Russian Lakes Trails Maint. Sat 6/16


Title:  Russian Lakes

When:  Saturday, June 16th at 6:45 a.m for a 7am departure.

Where:  Meet at Carrs – Huffman parking lot near the coffee shop at 6:45am for  a 7:00 a.m. departure to carpool (1501 Huffman  Road, Anchorage).

Or you can meet at the entrace of the Russian Lakes Campground Gate at 9am (PLEASE CONTACT THE RIDE LEADER IF YOU PLAN ON DOING SO BY 9pm FRIDAY EVENING so we know to look for you).  We will shuttle bikes and riders to the trailhead from the Russian Lakes Campground.

Description:  Join members of the Arctic Bicycle Club for a fun early season Mountain Bike Ride down Russian Lakes trail.

We will be riding approximately 20-30 miles, most of which will be down Russian Lakes trail and then the last few miles down the road to the cars.

This year we will again be performing clearing of the trail as part of delayed National Trails Day with the US Forest Service to make it clear for a great straight-through riding adventure.

Participation in the trail maintenance is not required; but you are encouraged to bring a small collapsible hand saw, hatchet, or tool you can 'safely' ride with and that you can use. We hope to have at least one chainsaw in a B.O.B. trailer as well for the really large trees that are sure to be present.

Depending on the conditions and the group, expect to return to Anchorage between 6:30 and 8:00pm

Questions, clarifications, or interest.. call Christopher at 351-9630 or email

Length:  Approximately 22-30 miles.


Advanced: A course that will provide technical and endurance challenges for experienced and very regular riders.

Keep in mind that helmets are always required for the rides. It is also suggested to have the appropriate clothing and gear. For example visible jerseys for riding near traffic, gloves, glasses, spare tubes, tire pump, water, properly adjusted and maintained bicycles, and fuel for your body.

Feed back is always encouraged on the rides for what went right and where improvements can be made. We are always up for suggestions for new ride routes. This year we have more capability to add rides to the schedule as we go.

POC:  Christopher 351-9630

Disclaimer:  Helmets are required on all rides. Riders must be over 18 unless accompanied by an adult at all times. All riders are expected to be self-sufficient and have their bicycle in proper worker order. Tire repair, pumps and multi-tool are recommended.