Anchorage Loop Tour

August 13, 2016 @ 10:00
Westchester Lagoon
Jon Douglas

This ride will begin 10am at the Westchester Lagoon Parking lot. This will be 99% on pavement and you will enjoy the day cruising on your road bike rather than your mtn bike. We will head to Ship Creek, MTN View, Turpin, Elmore, Lake Otis, Ocean view, Klatt, Kincaid, the Coastal Trail, and back to Westchester Lagoon.  Expect to ride 40 to 50 miles. There are only a couple of opportunities for snacks alone the way, so maybe bring some snacks, a bite to eat and plenty of water.

Remember to bring your helmet as they are required for all ABC rides. Also, a parent or guardian must be in attendance for any riders under the age of 18.