Policies in Support of the By-Laws

Arctic Bicycle Club Policies in Support of the By-Laws.

Unanimously adopted February 25, 2015 by a vote of the Arctic Bike Club Board.

All divisions and individual administrators of the Arctic Bicycle Club (ABC) will abide following policy as adopted by the ABC primary board. This policy is in support of the by-laws of the ABC. Changes or overrides to this policy require majority approval of the entirety of the ABC board of directors (board) and not a majority of a meeting quorum.


  1. The Arctic Bicycle Club offers a wide variety of activities and events through its divisions:  Road Racing (including CycloCross), Mountain Bike Racing, and Recreation (a.k.a. per by-Laws as ‘Touring’).
  2. Participation in competitive activities, with exception of special events, requires current membership in the ABC by the participant and should be enforced by the division hosting the event.
  3. Membership in other events should be strongly encouraged.
  4. Special events being defined as large scale community events that attract participants outside of normal membership demographics; such as the Bike Swap and 24 hour races.
  5. The club advocates a bicycle friendly community through organized activities, public service, advocacy, and educational programs, through membership and its events the club is able to support these activities.  Division’s activities should reflect these values.
  6. Information on club activities will be posted on http://arcticbikeclub.org and membership is obtained through the membership section of that website or through event registration.


Safety & Liability


  1. Each division of the ABC and its organizers are responsible for ensuring they obtain a board approved liability waiver for all participants at the time of registration for each event.
  2. Each division of the ABC and its will take reasonable efforts to ensure the safety of its events and advise participants on required skills, equipment, and physical endurances potentially required to participate in the event. All cycling events, competitive or not, minimally require a helmet, a bicycle in working order that does not pose a physical threat to others, and weather appropriate clothing as determined by the event organizer.
  3. The ABC will also obtain a full liability waiver for each member at the time of joining or renewing of membership.
  4. The board will carry directors and officers insurance for the members of the board of the ABC.
  5. Divisions and the board will ensure that each division has adequate insurance coverage for its events and each division will report a total number of participants in its events each year to the board for this purpose.

 Privacy: (Last Revised Feb 24, 2015)

  1. All personally identifiable information collected by the club of its participants or members is considered owned by the ABC and will only be used for club purposes and will never be sold, nor distributed outside of the context of the Arctic Bicycle Club organization and divisions.
  2. The ABC will make reasonable efforts to protect any personal information provided.
  3. Participation in a club activity will likely result in the public display of the participants’ registration name, age, participation class, likeness, home town, and performance / result information. This information is not considered personal information by the ABC, and thus public information exempt from privacy protection.
  4. Participation in club activities may result in an individual being photographed, sound and video recorded, personal course and performance data recorded, and their participation listed or referenced in public, private, and commercial media. Individual participants’ likeness is not considered personal information by the ABC. It will by the individual’s responsibility to pursue any requests for privacy from each source and not that of the ABC.

Data Usage

  1. All data, code, and content that is composed, stored, transmitted and / or received by the organization is considered to belong to the Arctic Bicycle Club and is recognized as part of its data set.
  2. All divisions of the ABC will adhere to the privacy and usage policy published on publicly on the Arctic Bicycle Club’s main web presence, including but not limited to not selling or distributing member data as well make reasonable effort to protect its member data from unauthorized third parties utilizing industry standard methods to do so and as dictated by the laws of the State of Alaska.
  3. All accounts and public presences registered on behalf of the Arctic Bicycle Club by an individual are considered to belong to the ABC. At the time of discontinuation of participation or service to the Arctic Bicycle Club by the individual or vendor, the ownership, credentials, and any data must be transferred and surrendered in their entirety to the Arctic Bicycle Club board or the ABC board’s designee.

 Public Presence

  1. ABC shall maintain a website that provides information for the club and all divisions.
  2. All divisions of the ABC will maintain a shared public presence through the ABC website, which includes at very minimum:
  3. Utilizing common logos, purpose statements, and imagery approved by the board of the ABC.
  4. Publishing club-related activities and information electronically.
  5. Posting and maintaining all event information on the primary club website, including timely event updates or changes, and publishing all event results on the primary club website within 5 calendar days of the event occurring.
  6. Entering of ABC member registration information obtained through its activities no more than 14 calendar days after registration into the club’s main database if not registered on the site itself.
  7. All divisions of the ABC may maintain individual websites and social media presence, provided all event-related information is also published on the ABC website..
  8. Any board member of the ABC, at the division lever or higher, may appear in ‘good will’ media pieces promoting cycling, ABC events, or objectives of the club that do not take a public position on an ‘issue’ or promote a product.
  9. No individual division or individual of the ABC have the authority to independently take a public position on an issue as the “Arctic Bicycle Club” without that position first being vetted and majority approved by the board of the ABC. The President or his designee would then speak with the media or compose a position letter on the ‘issue’.
  10. No individual division or individual of the ABC may engage in social media or other public conflict or offensive activity as the “Arctic Bicycle Club”. Any instances of public controversy, personal statements, libelous statements, or other potentially issues should be escalated to the ABC board and its President.

Advertisement and Sponsorship.

  1. No individual division or individual of the ABC, including the President, may utilize club’s public presence or their position for the marketing or endorsement of products and services. Including but not limited to:
    1. Communications solely for the promotion of individual products, businesses, or individuals.
    2. Endorse a product, business, or service over another; including anything political or religious in nature.
  2. The exception, as previously approved by the ABC board, is a local Alaska business sponsoring the club in its entirety, a division, or a division event through direct financial, service, or product donations.
    1. Sponsorship shall not include sharing of member information available in any format, sending a distributing marketing on their behalf, granting exclusivity of sponsorship, or making negative statements of one product, vendor, or product over another.
    2. Cost tiers of sponsorship for a division will be determined by the individual divisions, and sponsoring of the club as a whole will be determined by the ABC board.
  3. The club, nor division or individual event shall seek sponsorships or donations implying donations or sponsorship are tax deductible under US tax code, as the ABC is a 501(c) 4 organization and not a 501(c) 3

Compensation of Organizers

  1. All ABC directors participate voluntarily and shall not be compensated for serving on the board.
  2. Individual divisions may choose to pay subcontractors if they so deem necessary, but may not have employees.
  3. All individuals compensated by the club or its divisions must fill out and submit the mandatory IRS Form W-9 to the division treasurer or the ABC treasurer prior to compensation and will receive a 1099-MISC for the year from the ABC.
  4. For each calendar year, divisions are responsible for providing a list of all compensated individuals and the amount of compensation paid by February 1st of the following year.