ABC 2014 Community Cycling Survey

The 2014 Arctic Bike Club Community Cycling Survey is now Live.

Please take a moment to complete it as well as distribute the link.

  • The survey will be open November 17th, 2014 -> January 15th, 2015.
  • You do not need to be a member of the Arctic Bike Club (ABC) to complete the survey.
  • All members of the biking community are encouraged to complete it.

The purpose of this survey is to help the Arctic Bike Club better understand your cycling habits, needs, so it can better service the community. The survey also collects some general demographic information about the South Central Alaska and specifically Anchorage cycling community. Most questions require an answer and some questions will only appear if previous responses enable them.

Up to 5 of those who have completed the survey in its entirely by the closure date will receive a free 2015 Arctic Bike Club Membership. As well as there may be drawings for other swag depending on total survey response sample gathered.

Note: Please only share as the link to the page that loads may change over the course of the survey.

Reminder of transition to winter trail use designations.

November in Anchorage is a transition month when early snows have fallen allowing for ski trail grooming / track setting and the ending of summer multi-use designations of some Anchorage trails. There are year round multi-use and single track trails for all users at most Anchorage parks and users are reminded to be courteous to all users and observe trail use and direction designations for all trail types.



PSA: BCA AMATS transportation plan public comments. 2015-2018

Reposted from Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage (BCA) Email:

Do you want more bike lanes? Better bike route signage? More multi-use paths?

If so – we need you to come out this Thursday to support funding for Anchorage’s Bike Plan!
We are looking at the budget for transportation for the next four years-If you want more of that funding to go to bike projects-we need you to speak up.


AMATS (our federal transportation funding entity) is updating spending plans for 2015 – 2018.  Called the “TIP” (Transportation Improvement Program), it’s basically a 4 year spreadsheet that allocates $22 million per year to roads, non-motorized transportation, and air quality/congestion mitigation projects in Anchorage and Eagle River.

AMATS recently released a draft 2015- 2018 TIP and accepted public comments.  BCA provided detailed comments (link here).  At this Thursday’s meeting these comments will be discussed and the draft TIP could be modified, with more or less emphasis on bicycle infrastructure.
We were involved in this same process 2 years ago.  At that time, the initial draft allocation for bicycle infrastructure was very poor.  BCA was able to rally Bike Plan supporters to comment and attend the the AMATS funding meeting.  This included approximately 30 bicyclists showing up at a key meeting (the same one that will be held again this week) and some provided testimony as to why more funding was needed for Bicycle Plan implementation.  As a result, Bicycle Plan implementation funding was increased from $1 million to $2.3 million right on the spot.  This money is now being used to develop detailed designs for miles of bike lanes throughout Anchorage and Eagle River.
The great news is that this year’s draft allocation for bicycle infrastructure is MUCH better than 2 years ago.  Read BCA’s comment letter for the highlights (link here). While the draft allocation for bicycle infrastructure is good, it should be better.

That’s why we need YOU to attend the AMATS Technical Advisory Committee meeting this Thursday, May 8, from 2:30 to 4:30 pm.  

These meetings are held in the training/conference room of the Planning & Development Center, 4700 Elmore Road (just south of Tudor).
What’s likely to happen (and needs to happen) at Thursday’s meeting?
One of the “business items” is “2015-18 TIP Public Hearing Draft.”  First a staff person will describe the public comments already received.  The TAC members will then have some discussion.  Then the public will be asked to comment.  A BCA spokesperson will provide highlights from our written comments.  An AMATS Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee spokesperson will likely provide some feedback from that group.  We then need some cyclists, like YOU, to briefly weigh in.  After these public comments are done, the TAC will further discuss the topic, and decide whether to adjust the draft TIP, or not.

If you chose to testify, what might you say?  How about addressing the following:

  • Why making Anchorage a more bicycle friendly city is important to you.
  • That you are pleased that the draft TIP includes funding to (1) begin striping and signing of the core bike network, (2)  rehabilitate existing multi-use pathways, (3) construct “missing link” multi-use pathways on O’Malley Road and Benson Blvd., and (4) provide directional signs for our existing bicycle network.
  • That you think the draft TIP under-funds the on-going striping and signing of bike lanes on the core bicycle network (item 1 above) and that the TIP should be modified to increase the funding for this important follow-through work.

If you can’t make it to the meeting but support more Bike Plan funding, send us your name and we will let AMATS know you are behind us! Email BCA Board Member Todd Logan at

BOTTOM LINE: We need you at the AMATS TAC meeting this Thursday, May 8, at 2:30 pm at the Planning & Development Center, 4700 Elmore Road (just south of Tudor)! Your presence could make a real difference (like $ millions) in how much money is spent on bicycle infrastructure in the next few years.

Thanks!  Hope to see you there!
Brian LitmansPresident, Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage

PSA: USFS-Seward 02/13/14 Trails Update & Moose Pass Rendevous

Good Fickle of a Snow Day to all of you on this 13th day of February, 2014 on Seward Ranger District.

A few flurries here and there but it’s still not a happening place to be for snow on the Seward Ranger District. In the past week we have received enough snow to sort of halt ice skating, though it’s easy to skate through, there are many cracks in the ice that are now hidden and waiting to catch your blade and send you flying. The next Federal Land Manager to the West of us has areas of very good ice skating at the moment.

Take a look at last week’s trail report, it’s much the same story today. One change is that the super slick glare ice roads of last week are less slippery, however they are still icy, and walking our trails still require the aid of ice cleats. Backpacking across Resurrection Pass Trail is the name of the game from Cooper Landing to Hope, though you will want to carry snowshoes as there is snow predicted in the next few days.

Grant Lake mine road has been clear of fallen trees. Grant Lake had 15” of ice on it 2 days ago.

There is skiing to be had on SRD, check the Seward Nordic Ski Club link, better yet, go to the site, become a member and updates on latest conditions will be automatically sent to your email.

Alison Rein from Glacier Ranger District has a more promising report, at least for those of you who like to ski: The valley is back to more normal winter conditions with wonderful on-trail skiing. 12-16″ of fresh light snow, parking areas plowed, continued light snow and cold temps (highs of 20’s at most) should keep the conditions in great shape! Don’t delay, ski portage today!

Tomorrow is the full moon, not sure if we’ll get to view it because it’s the “SNOW MOON”, and as many of you know, quite often in winter the day of, or the evening before the full moon brings a change in the weather. Before my kids were in school I planned most of our winter camping trips around the full moon so as to avoid winter storms, this worked well about 75% of the time, keeping my fingers crossed.

Lots of fun to be had this weekend at the 1st annual Moose Pass Winter Rendezvous, please see the attached document.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Irene B. Lindquist
USFS-Seward Ranger District
Moose Pass, Alaska

Moose Pass Rendezvous
Moose Pass Winter Rendezvous

Schedule of Events

Fabulous Valentines Dinner at the Trail Lake Lodge. Special menu and horse drawn sleigh

rides. Contact the lodge at 288-3101 for reservations

10 am: Ski Races on Upper Trail Lake. Registration at 10 is at the pavilion behind the

Trail Lake Lodge. Mass start to follow. There will be a ½ mile loop kids race, a 3 mile loop

classic race and a 5 mile loop skate ski race.

2 pm: Snow Person Building competition or Ice Ornament Relay Race (depending on

2– 5pm: Snow Golf out on the lake

3 – 4 pm: Avalanche awareness games

5 pm: Ski/hockey stick raffle drawing for all activity participants.

6:30- 8:30 pm: Showing of the Wizard of Oz at the Moose Pass community center.

7 pm: Blackwater Railroad Company and bonfire at the Trail Lake Lodge.

And don’t forget to purchase tickets for our Firewood raffle for $5 each. 2 winners will

each get a cord of firewood!

All Day Long events Include:

Rummage Sale, Bake/soup Sale, Kids Activities and Face Painting at the Moose Pass

Community Center from 10 am to 4 pm.

***We are taking donations for the Rummage Sale. Please drop off any household items,

appliances, books, sports equipment, clothing, etc. at the Moose Pass community center

. For more info call 907-422-7181 or 907-538-8392 ***

12 noon: Chili cook off and Homebrew/beer tasting. Enter you chili or Homemade beers

or meads into the competition!

12:30 pm: Firewood Raffle Drawing

PSA: BCA Winter Bike Fest Week Feb 7th – Feb 14th 2014

Winter Bike Fest is upon us. And things will get kicked off tonight with Bike First Fridays. Bike First Friday is back and we are having an informal meet up at 5:30pm in front of Katie Sevigny’s Studio near 4th Ave and G Street. We will decide where to go from there.

Things really get rolling this weekend with the Winter City Ride this Sunday, an incredible movie at the Beartooth on Monday, Feb.10, Winter Bike to Work events on Friday, Feb. 14th, Winter “Bike Shorts” film night on the 17th and a bike touring slideshow on the 26th. Its sure to be an action-packed month filled with fun events. Check out all the details below:

Feb. 9 – Winter City Urban 30/50k

When:  Registration begins at 9:00am;   Ride begins at 10:00am.

Where: Start & Finish at the Trek Bicycle Store

How Much: $20 (registration fee supports BCA)

The Winter City Urban Randonnée 30/50km Ride is a rolling fund-raiser for BCA by the Alaska Randonneurs. It’s an opportunity for all cyclists to support BCA while experiencing the adventurous style of randonneuring cycling on a whole new course for 2014. Choose between two courses – a 30Km or 50Km winter-day’s ride through the heart of Anchorage on track and trail. Progress from checkpoint to checkpoint, navigating between food and stops along the way. See how easy it is to winter bicycle commute in Anchorage. It’s an event, but not a race– so don’t dally
Want to try out a snow bike?  You can rent snow bikes @ Arctic Cycles or APU.
Bring: Helmet, pen, camera, front & rear lights.
This course is good for most bikes, depending on snow conditions. Use your best judgement.
Feb. 10 – Rising from Ashes

When: 5:30pm

Where: Beartooth

How Much: $4.00

“Rising from Ashes” is a feature length documentary from Director T.C. Johnstone and narrated by Academy Award Winner and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Forest Whitaker about the first Rwandan National Cycling Team and their six year journey to the Olympic games in London. It’s not about the bike. It’s about second chances, how our past doesn’t have to define our future, and the impossible triumph of the human spirit over one of the world’s most devastating genocides.
Feb. 14 – Inaugural Winter Bike to Work Day

When: All day

Where: Where ever you go by bike

How Much: Free

This event is a multi-city effort to encourage winter biking. Let’s show ‘em all who really knows winter biking and who has the most bike love. Register anytime before the 14th and be sure to bike to work on the 14th – show everyone you work with that you’ve got some serious bike love. Registration is free and easy:
Feb. 14 – One Course Discourse

When: 11:30am-1:00pm

Where: Beartooth

How Much:  Free

A lunch-time discussion about all things bike. Come on out to learn more about what is happening in the Anchorage bike community.  More event details coming soon.

Feb. 14 – Winter Bike to Work Day Celebration – Show your Bike Love

When: 4:30pm-6:00pm

Where: Westchester Lagoon

How Much:  Free

Come on out to celebrate Anchorage’s first-ever Winter Bike to Work Day. We will be handing out Bike Love cookies and hot chocolate to all bicyclists so come on down, hang out by the burn barrels and enjoy Valentine’s Day with fellow bicyclists.

Feb. 17 – BCA’s Winter “Bike Shorts” Film Night

When: 6:30pm – 8:00pm (doors open at 6:00pm)

Where: BP Energy Center

How Much:  $10 suggested donation (or free with your annual 2014 donation to BCA)

Come on out for a fun night of short bike films. We will be showcasing films from Filmed by Bike as well as films by local film makers.

Feb. 26 – Ring Road Ride: Iceland, a presentation by Sage Cohen

When: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Where: BP Energy Center
How Much: $10 suggested donation (or free with your annual 2014 donation to BCA)

To wrap up Winter Bike Fest’s month full of great events, BCA is excited to host a slide show by Sage Cohen of her bike travels through Iceland. Sage’s shows are always a treat. The Ring Road Ride is a multi-modal adventure – 18 days in search of the Icelandic sun in the summer of 2013.

Other Bike Events in February

  • The Abominable Snow Series – Register here.
    • Abominable #5 February 22, 2014 at 6pm – Hilltop Super D
  • Susitna 100 and Little Sue 50k – Feb. 15-17 – get details here.


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