Trail Report

PSA: USFS-Seward 02/13/14 Trails Update & Moose Pass Rendevous

Good Fickle of a Snow Day to all of you on this 13th day of February, 2014 on Seward Ranger District.

A few flurries here and there but it’s still not a happening place to be for snow on the Seward Ranger District. In the past week we have received enough snow to sort of halt ice skating, though it’s easy to skate through, there are many cracks in the ice that are now hidden and waiting to catch your blade and send you flying. The next Federal Land Manager to the West of us has areas of very good ice skating at the moment.

Take a look at last week’s trail report, it’s much the same story today. One change is that the super slick glare ice roads of last week are less slippery, however they are still icy, and walking our trails still require the aid of ice cleats. Backpacking across Resurrection Pass Trail is the name of the game from Cooper Landing to Hope, though you will want to carry snowshoes as there is snow predicted in the next few days.

Grant Lake mine road has been clear of fallen trees. Grant Lake had 15” of ice on it 2 days ago.

There is skiing to be had on SRD, check the Seward Nordic Ski Club link, better yet, go to the site, become a member and updates on latest conditions will be automatically sent to your email.

Alison Rein from Glacier Ranger District has a more promising report, at least for those of you who like to ski: The valley is back to more normal winter conditions with wonderful on-trail skiing. 12-16″ of fresh light snow, parking areas plowed, continued light snow and cold temps (highs of 20’s at most) should keep the conditions in great shape! Don’t delay, ski portage today!

Tomorrow is the full moon, not sure if we’ll get to view it because it’s the “SNOW MOON”, and as many of you know, quite often in winter the day of, or the evening before the full moon brings a change in the weather. Before my kids were in school I planned most of our winter camping trips around the full moon so as to avoid winter storms, this worked well about 75% of the time, keeping my fingers crossed.

Lots of fun to be had this weekend at the 1st annual Moose Pass Winter Rendezvous, please see the attached document.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Irene B. Lindquist
USFS-Seward Ranger District
Moose Pass, Alaska

Moose Pass Rendezvous
Moose Pass Winter Rendezvous

Schedule of Events

Fabulous Valentines Dinner at the Trail Lake Lodge. Special menu and horse drawn sleigh

rides. Contact the lodge at 288-3101 for reservations

10 am: Ski Races on Upper Trail Lake. Registration at 10 is at the pavilion behind the

Trail Lake Lodge. Mass start to follow. There will be a ½ mile loop kids race, a 3 mile loop

classic race and a 5 mile loop skate ski race.

2 pm: Snow Person Building competition or Ice Ornament Relay Race (depending on

2– 5pm: Snow Golf out on the lake

3 – 4 pm: Avalanche awareness games

5 pm: Ski/hockey stick raffle drawing for all activity participants.

6:30- 8:30 pm: Showing of the Wizard of Oz at the Moose Pass community center.

7 pm: Blackwater Railroad Company and bonfire at the Trail Lake Lodge.

And don’t forget to purchase tickets for our Firewood raffle for $5 each. 2 winners will

each get a cord of firewood!

All Day Long events Include:

Rummage Sale, Bake/soup Sale, Kids Activities and Face Painting at the Moose Pass

Community Center from 10 am to 4 pm.

***We are taking donations for the Rummage Sale. Please drop off any household items,

appliances, books, sports equipment, clothing, etc. at the Moose Pass community center

. For more info call 907-422-7181 or 907-538-8392 ***

12 noon: Chili cook off and Homebrew/beer tasting. Enter you chili or Homemade beers

or meads into the competition!

12:30 pm: Firewood Raffle Drawing

FYI: Kenai Trail Report 11/27/2012

Good Glorious Moonlit morning to all of you!!!

In anticipation of December 1 winter motorized trails/areas of Seward Ranger District will not be opening (unless there’s major snowfall before this date) due to lack of adequate snow cover to prevent resource damage, this includes subsistence users. We will monitor conditions daily when snowfall appears and will open as soon as possible.

Skiing on many lakes is good. Skiing on most trails with rock skis at lower elevations is possible.

Ice skating on the cleared paths on Upper Trail Lake is good.

Trails traveling over passes have 12-15” of snow. Pulling a pulk is feasible.

Hiking our trails in all areas is very good if you wear gaiters or can keep what little snow there is out of your boots.

Most of our cabins with wood burning stoves have no wood. With this being a non-motorized winter for Resurrection Pass Trail, except for subsistence users, allow plenty of time to collect firewood.

Trail River C.G. gate will be closed December 1.

Russian River C.G. gate will remain open until more snow arrives.

Exit Glacier Road is closed 1.5 miles from the Hwy. Add 5 miles to your trip length if you will be hiking Resurrection River Trail.

Slaughter Ridge Rd. (winter access to Resurrection Pass Trail South) is drivable beyond the winter parking area, though use caution as there are logging trucks transporting logs the entire distance of this narrow Rd.

Ice on! Now for some interesting, at least for me, ice condition changes:

A week ago Summit Lake had 8” of ice under 5” of snow, the previous ten days had 8” of ice under 8” of snow, temps were in the 20’s, low 30’s. Ice thickness did not change for 11 days due to the insulating snow cover and warm temps. When temps changed to around 0-20 degrees F the ice began adding 1/3”/day. Ice thickness on Summit Lake is now 11”.

Cooper Lake and Grant Lake are freezing and adding about 1” of ice/day with no snowcover. Cooper Lake has 6” of ice, and Grant Lake has 2”.

In the interest of not repeating old news, if you don’t receive an update in the next week, it’s because conditions have not changed much.

Irene B. Lindquist

Forestry Technician, Trails

Chugach NF, Seward RD